Escape Game - Prison Break-3RD Pass Nashville

There are a million ways in and one way out. It is 1955 and you’ve been wrongfully accused of a terrible crime, resulting in a life sentence in prison without the possibility of parole. Your legal team has failed you and now it is up to you to break out of prison. You are housed in a cell that once belonged to an inmate who disappeared without a trace. Was he murdered by the infamously cruel warden, or did he escape, as some have said? One thing you know is that you do not want to be wrongfully imprisoned and you need to get out!

Your team of 2-8 players has one hour to break out of the cell/room, and with a difficulty level of 9/10 it is not going to be easy. You’ll need to have your wits about you and think strategically as you solve puzzles and unexpected challenges, working together to find the way out. Experience the confinement of a cell and use those feelings to conjure up solutions to the problems.


Escape Game 3rd - Prison Break

162 3rd Ave N Nashville, TN 37201

Open daily 8:00am - 11:45pm

Reservations strongly recommended. Scan Pass at reception desk for admission.

Escape Game - Prison Break-3RD Pass Nashville
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