Escape Game Berry Hill -Nashville

While you’re in Music City head over to The Escape Game for an exciting adventure locked in a room for an hour with 2-7 others in a grand attempt to secure a music contract. You and your team are an up-and-coming band and just know you can make it big but you really need a break. Recently you heard a rumor about Rick Teggen, a world-renowned producer, and feel that this is just the ticket you need.

You have heard that before he retired he hid a contract in his office for one lucky group. He plans to return to produce one last record, guaranteed to make you famous and set you on the path to eternal happiness in the music industry. With just 60 minutes to find that contract, you are up against the clock and it is in your best interest to work closely with your group to solve the puzzles and challenges that will reveal the location of that contract…and get you out of the studio.


Escape Game Berry Hill -Nashville

510 E. Iris Drive Nashville, TN 37204

Open daily 8:00am - 11:45pm

Reservations strongly recommended. Scan Pass at reception desk for admission.

Escape Game Berry Hill -Nashville
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