Vampires, Sex, & Ghost Tour (Twilight Tour)

Today. Experience the mystery of the ancient past, gain an understanding of our shared humanity, and find your own place in the arc of human history. Not only can visitors uncover artifacts from 10,000 years of human history including mummies, Asian Art, African masks, Greek pottery and Native American art; but since the Penn Museum is also a research institution there are endless opportunities to chat with active Archaeologists and Anthropologists as well as witness first-hand how history is preserved in our conservation laboratory. You don’t need your passport to travel the world, all under one roof at the Penn Museum!


Vampires, Sex, & Ghost Tour (Twilight Tour)

Independence Visitor Center. 1 n. Indepependence Mall West. Phila, PA 19106

Hours of Operation:

  • October: daily at 8:30 (with additional 11:00pm tours on Saturday)
  • November - February: Saturday at7:00pm
  • March - April: Friday and Saturday at 7:00pm in March and April
  • May - September: daily at 7:00pm

    Please email your pass number or call 856.829.3100 with your preferred date of attendance

    October reservations are mandatory, and tour spots are filled on first come first serve basis.
    Tours sold out for the following dates: October 7, 13, 14, and 19th thru 29th 2023.

  • Vampires, Sex, & Ghost Tour (Twilight Tour)
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