Philadelphia Twilight Tour Combo

The Philadelphia Twilight Tour combo package allows you to explore the dark history behind some of Philadelphia’s historical and haunted attractions and landmarks. Discover the chilling and ghastly tales of murder, revenge, lust, and heartache as you stroll along the streets of Philly.

Ghost Tour of Philadelphia Candlelight Walking Tour
A 90-minute candlelit tour through one of the most historic and most haunted cities in the nation is a thrilling way to learn about the deepest, darkest secrets of Philadelphia. As your guide leads the way through back streets and shadowy alleys of Independence Park, Society Hill, and Old City, hear chilling tales about the ghosts of Benedict Arnold, Benjamin Franklin and other famous figures in American history. You’ll visit notorious haunted houses and graveyards, including St. Peter’s Cemetery and Old Pine Street Churchyard, where sightings of spirits have been reported since the graveyard’s founding.

Vampires, Sex, & Ghost Tour
This 2-hour R-rated adventure through Philadelphia’s seediest spots is a unique way to explore darker side of the city – and it’s for adults only. Developed after a year of research, the tour is entertaining, informative and eerie. Along the way, you’ll pass two dozen sites, including Independence Hall, where you’ll hear frightening stories about our Founding Fathers, whipping posts, gallows, the red light district and the haunted City Tavern! Tales of torture, mass burials, and executions along with folklore about vampires, pirates, and ghosts are guaranteed to send chills down your spine!

Bootlegger’s Prohibition Pub Crawl Tour
This two-in-one tour gives you the opportunity to discover the sordid past of Philadelphia’s prohibition period and the chance to socialize in three of the city’s best drinking spots. As you take a historical tour of the city, you’ll hear twisted and chilling stories of colonial brewers, gangsters and prohibition-era gangsters like Al Capone and Leo Lanzetti. Have a great time as you traverse the city from tavern to tavern enjoying complimentary beverages and drinks and learning more intriguing aspects of Philadelphia’s past.


Philadelphia Twilight Tour Combo

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Philadelphia Twilight Tour Combo
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