Titanic the Artifact Exhibition -Dinner Show

Titanic the Artifact Exhibition -Dinner Show

At our one of a kind, Titanic Gala Dinner you are a participant in one of the most famous dinner parties aboard Titanic. Join Margaret “Molly” Brown and other 1stclass passengers as you celebrate the retirement of Titanic’s legendary Captain Edward John Smith. The Galas unique experience includes a tour of Titanic The Artifact Exhibition galleries, 1stClass dinner & re-enactments of the night of April 14th. Come aboard the “Ship of Dreams” and help us keep the legacy alive.Timeline:

6:30pm – Cocktail Reception (Cocktails for purchase)

7:00pm – Partial Artifacts Guided Tour

7:30pm – Dinner & Show

8:30pm – Remainder of Artifacts Guided Tour

Over 250 Artifacts recovered from the ocean floor of Titanic wreckage;

Titanic the Artifact Exhibition -Dinner Show
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